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Subscription Terms and Conditions

By purchasing a subscription to Annabel's Pilates I confirm that:

1. I have completed a client enrolment medical form and take responsibility for my own body.
2. I have been pre-authorised by Annabel's Pilates.
3. I have had clearance by a medical practitioner to practise Pilates where required.
4. I will advise Annabel of any changes to my health or ability to exercise.
5. I acknowledge that the videos are not a replacement for face-to-face teaching, but a supplementary tool for home practice.
6. This subscription is not transferable.


Please be mindful that pain is the body's warning sign and should not be ignored.  

Be mindful of any injuries and adapt where required.  

Ensure you have warmed up first.  

Exercise carefully in a warm, appropriate space, ensuring there is no danger of tripping or falling.  

Do not exercise if feeling unwell.

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